Sunday, August 29, 2010

When summer comes, it is always time to visit the family Cabin on Razorback Road off Aurora Creek which flows into Plum Lake outside of Sayner, Wisconsin. I have discovered that the artist in me, the way I see, was formed by the light on Crystal Lake, back roads roaming distant birch forests,the mossy paths of deer trails, and the sound of loons echoing over the lake.
I began painting outdoors here, and return every year, bringing my adult skills back to recapture these visions of many summers. The power and fragility of "Up North" inspires me, moves me to create.
I hold my breath with the mystery, walk down a lane toward Aurora creek quietly to spot an eagle in the crook of a tall pine, confront a deer at the salt lick or spot a beaver head watching me from the water. Here you can get lost on single lane sand trails around too many fishing lakes to count, Lost Lake, Found Lake, Starett and Star, Plum extending toward places that are far from the noise urban. You can hear yourself singing.
You can find paintings I left behind this year displayed in the town of Sayner at Oh My Designs off Main Street on Froelich Lane. There is a rendition of the famous "Sayner Pub Sunday."
I will be back for next summers' feast!

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