Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sausalito Art Festival, the Art of Fun

Inspire Yourself! Join me for the 58th Annual Sausalito Art Festival at Booth 228 (Located on the other side of the Artist's Stage, 2nd row to right) Labor Day Weekend Sepember 4-6, 10am-6pm August 3rd, Friday night is the wildly wonderful Opening Night Gala, Uncensored, under the stars.

Join me for a celebration of creativity. You will find a fresh group of small oil paintings that I have harvested from the bounty of summer in California. I have been working with the light on the Carmel coastline, Sausalito, Sonoma, and the Sierras, all the dramatic places we love, play in, and enjoy. During my latest trip to Point Lobos I explored the scuptural Weston Beach where I once painted as Brett Weston photographed with his friend, William Current. Now, a painter friend and I stayed far into the golden light of sunset which brought new colors to my palette. Those two black and white photographers influenced me to be who I am as a painter with the wisdom of their eyes and hearts.

I also offer larger visions, colorful oil paintings from our renowned Wine Country that were began last autumn. I get so inspired by the work of other artists from all parts of the country, working in many mediums. I learn more about my work from you, so do join the fun! See you there, Kay

Sunday, August 29, 2010

When summer comes, it is always time to visit the family Cabin on Razorback Road off Aurora Creek which flows into Plum Lake outside of Sayner, Wisconsin. I have discovered that the artist in me, the way I see, was formed by the light on Crystal Lake, back roads roaming distant birch forests,the mossy paths of deer trails, and the sound of loons echoing over the lake.
I began painting outdoors here, and return every year, bringing my adult skills back to recapture these visions of many summers. The power and fragility of "Up North" inspires me, moves me to create.
I hold my breath with the mystery, walk down a lane toward Aurora creek quietly to spot an eagle in the crook of a tall pine, confront a deer at the salt lick or spot a beaver head watching me from the water. Here you can get lost on single lane sand trails around too many fishing lakes to count, Lost Lake, Found Lake, Starett and Star, Plum extending toward places that are far from the noise urban. You can hear yourself singing.
You can find paintings I left behind this year displayed in the town of Sayner at Oh My Designs off Main Street on Froelich Lane. There is a rendition of the famous "Sayner Pub Sunday."
I will be back for next summers' feast!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Open Arts ( Studios) memories

This time of the year has so many visions and vivid pictures for me. I remember the first opening of Marin Open Studios seventeen years ago when Tim Rose and I walked the Gallery that we opened in Towncenter Corte Madera together. There was a light mist and we feared it would keep people away. The party was about to start, and despite all the months of hard work and difficulties, Marin County would now begin to see the amazing work of the artists around them. This was our dream as founders of the event. We were thrilled.
Last weekend, the Marin Art Council staff and Director Argo Thompson repeated this tradition. In the new permanent Art Council headquarters at 906 Fourth Street, the lights are blazing, shining on Art that continues to showcase the talents of Marin artists. The quality is so much higher than it was, artists continue to see one another's work and the bar is raised. Kudos and gratitude to Argo for bringing us to the mainstreet! Now the work shifts to the studios, where the party continues and it is time for real art viewing. This year over two weekends the community can see art where it is made. Children can meet the artists. It means that we share our Creativity and it finds way to your table, your living room, your office. Marin Open Studios directly means that the artists in your town are able to make a living and continue creating. Thank you all for coming out, for supporting us all these years! We thrive because of you. Grab a catalogue, find a favorite artwork, and come say hi. Drink it in, because, as Kim said to me about placing my painting in the catalogue, "This is where I live."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Celebration in wine county

Spring has arrived with all its power after the rains. Now is breakout time for me to paint outdoors in paradise. My van is loaded with canvas, paints and lunch for days on end till dusk. It is a season to drink in the Earth.

I have been in Napa for 5 days painting, chasing vistas of mustard. Fresh greens, the crisp smell of the earth and play of colors are inspiration unparalleled. California’s unique landscape and angle of the spring sun are a delight to my painters’ eye and palette.

As I drove toward Yountville I searched for a site that I fell in love with twelve years ago. After reconnoitering for some time, I gave up and headed further north. Suddenly, there was a flash in my peripheral vision. I pulled over and headed towards the hills. Suddenly, there were patterns in the distance against the rising blue hills. Eureka!

For the next 5 days I found a variety of vantage points using back roads, always facing the sun and looking for what a painter needs to see: values that translate into a painting. Color can enchant, but it is the dark and light areas that are the backbone of a composition. Combining the two can explode into a dynamic painting!

After working most of the day, I drove down the Silverado Trail for a glass of champagne on the sunny deck at Mum’s with my friend Rita. After painting and seeing so intently, tasting was the perfect way to continue drinking in the colors of a glorious spring day. Come visit!

You will see my new paintings at Marin Open Studios on May 1,2 and 8,9th in the Industrial Center Building, Sausalito, or in Carmel at the Pearl Canyon Gallery, Dolores Street off Ocean Ave.